Canoe Country Title

At Canoe Country Title, we make selling your home on your own less stressful. Our staff is experienced and knowledgeable in title services. Our commitment at Canoe Country Title is to provide clients with personalized and profession service. Our goal at Canoe Country Title is a successful, cost-effective, well-documented transaction. We prepare all the documents required for the transaction as well as title insurance services in line with Minnesota standards.

Our title work helps homeowners sell their own homes and refinance their homes. We always check documents for mistakes made by lenders in mortgage paperwork. We help buyers and sellers buy and sell homes without a realtor or real estate broker. This can save thousands of dollars and let buyers and sellers have more control over the purchase and sales of real estate.

If you are considering selling your home on your own, you are likely concerned about not working with a realtor or expert. However, you should not attempt to buy or sell property without any legal assistance. Real estate transactions are complex and require attention to detail. Our experts can help protect your rights and explain your obligations regarding transferring ownership of the property. These transactions have serious legal and financial consequences and our experts can make sure you are covered in the transaction.

Our areas of expertise:

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