Minnesota Title Company

Our experienced Minnesota Title Company works with many different lenders to help buyers, sellers and those refinancing to have a pleasant experience with their closing.

For buyers and refinances, we prepare the necessary documentation for your lender to ensure there are no title issues.  When your lender is ready to close, we are there to do the necessary paperwork to close your loan.

For sellers, we can also prepare the necessary title work and the documents required to transfer your property and then proceed to a flawless closing.

What is a Title?

A title is the legal right to the possession of a property. In a title the rights of a property are bundled and may be separated or held by different parties.  A title must be in place in order to transfer a property to another owner.  Knowing the designations on a title and safely storing the title can save you time and money in future real estate transactions.

Types of rights that may be designated by a title:

  • Property Possession
  • Property Use & Enclosure
  • Access Easement
  • Partition
  • Water Rights
  • Mineral Rights
  • Easements
  • Timber Rights
  • Farming Rights
  • Hunting Rights
  • Etc…

What is Settlement?

Settlement, also known as a closing, consists of the transfer of the property and the signing of the purchase contract.  At a settlement, the final legal processes take place in order to transfer the ownership of a property legally.

Transactions at a settlement:

  • The buyer gives a check to the title company for the remaining funds of the purchase price
  • The seller signs the deed and gives the keys to the buyer
  • The seller receives a check for the profits of the sale
  • The title company registers the new deed