Purchasing a home is the largest and most expensive purchase most people in Minnesota will ever make in their lifetime.  Minnesota has amazing properties all over the state, including homes in the cities of Duluth, Minneapolis, Virginia, Hibbing, Ely, Grand Rapids and International Falls.  It is important to protect your rights when making such a large purchase.  While hiring a real estate attorney may seem like an expensive prospect, it is important to protecting your rights. You do not want your dream home to become a nightmare.

Before you complete your purchase or sale of property get your real estate questions answered by MSBA Certified Real Property Specialist, Kelly M. Klun.

Whether you are the buyer of the seller, you need to protect your rights and negotiate the best possible deal.  A lawyer’s role in the purchase of real estate can be small or his or her role can be very involved.  An attorney may simply help a buyer or seller research title and put together purchase agreements and closing documents.  Other attorneys, particularly real estate attorneys that work with clients in commercial development, may be very involved in the purchase and selling process.  An attorney can help a real estate developer research the title of a property and at closing, an attorney can help make sure all the documents are properly executed and delivered and the sale proceeds are paid properly.  Also, an attorney can advise a client regarding the rights and remedies when a sale or purchase goes bad.  Without an attorney, complications or mistakes can occur. A real estate attorney can help you prevent problems with the transfer of the property.

Realtors often use standard forms.  Standard forms are fine for basic deals, but savvy sellers and buyers will have all agreement reviewed by an attorney.  Sellers and buyers should seek advice from an attorney and the opinion of an attorney regarding the agreement.  Minnesota Real Estate Attorneys can help to revise agreements.  An attorney can also help assist buyers and sellers through negotiations. The buyer and seller may each want to consult an attorney to answer questions real estate agents cannot answer, such as the tax issues like capital gains. A real estate attorney can help you make advantageous tax decisions.

Hiring a Certified Real Property Specialist is key to the real estate process and serves as a safeguard for your protection.

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