Minnesota Legal Services

Our Attorneys at Klun Law Firm are dedicated to providing each and every one of our clients with direction and experienced legal counsel that assists them in making decisions that aids in attaining their goals.

Once those decisions are made and the goals are defined our team of attorneys can then outline a path that best suits the clients needs to reach those goals.

Results are the measure of not only our success, but as well results are what has defined Klun Law since 1979 as the go-to law firm in northern Minnesota for generations.

Although Klun enjoys partners and associates that are experienced in most areas of Minnesota Law, the areas of law on which we focus are: Real Estate LawEstate Planning and Business Law.

In our desire to maintain effective and open communication with our clients, our attorneys are available to our clients through many forms of communication including office meetings, email, fax, and phone and video conferencing. We make every effort to be available to our clients.

Serving Minnesota localities including Duluth, Gilbert, Virginia, Aurora, Hibbing, Ely, Grand Rapids, and Cloquet, Minnesota.

Our areas of practice include:

Real Estate Law

At Klun, our real estate practice is wide-reaching.  We have clients all over the state of Minnesota.  Regardless of your location in our great state, we have attorneys that can serve your needs.  Our real estate practice at Klun is extensive.  We assist clients with buying selling residential and commercial real estate.  We also assist clients with cabin succession planning, deed liens, neighbor and boundary disputes, land use, easements and landlord/tenant issues.  We can assist clients in all types of real estate transactions.

Estate and Legacy Planning

The estate and legacy planning practice at Klun concentrates on treating you and your family with care and grace.  Estate planning is not an easy thing to seek out an attorney for and we understand that.  Our practice can help you plan ahead for your estate planning needs, by drafting and review trusts and create and personalize a will.  We can also assist you and your family through the probate process after a loved one has passed away by assisting with the preparation of probate documents and court procedures.  We can also assist you and your family through difficult moments in life, including preparation of a durable power of attorney for guardianship or conservatorship, preparing a healthcare directive, creating documents for long term health care planning, resolving issues regarding the long-term guardianship of minor children.  We will treat you and your family with respect while going through a difficult time.

Business Law

In our business law practice, we cover businesses from start-up to selling to selling your business.  We assist business owners with contract negotiations, forming a business, buy and sell businesses, business litigation and business development.    We assist businesses of all sizes.  Whether you are a mom and pop shop looking to expand or a large corporation interested in negotiating a new deal, we can assist you with your business law matter.  Our clients include sole proprietorships, partnerships, limited liability companies, C corporations, S corporations and nonprofit organizations.  We can assist with all areas of business development and commercial litigation.  Call us today to talk with an experienced business law attorney.

Government Representation

Our government representation practice at Klun is robust.  We can assist both citizens and municipalities with administrative hearings, litigation, legislation, real estate transactions and planning regarding governmental representation issues.  We assist clients with governmental representation issues related to land use regulations such as the planning before burin a piece of real estate or opening a business.  We can also assist with zoning laws which are typically very local regulations.  We can assist within every city and township in Minnesota.  Regardless of your location in Minnesota, we can assist you and your needs.  We can also help with the purchase and sale of real estate. We also have expertise with litigation regarding construction, land use disputes, easements related to utility companies, eminent domain and takings and environmental issues.  We also assist with labor law and employment law issues related to municipalities.

Criminal Defense

Being faced with criminal charges is a scary time for you and your family.  At Klun, our criminal law defense practice works tirelessly as your advocate for charges to be dropped or reduced in your favor.  We can assist you from arrest through sentencing.  Our experienced criminal defense attorneys handle all levels of charges from traffic tickets to misdemeanors to more felonies.  We have experience with DWI, DUI, traffic tickets, probation violations, juvenile law, misdemeanors and more serious felonies.  Your life, liberty and freedom are our number one priority.

Probate Law

Probating a deceased family member’s estate is never an easy process.  Probate can be expensive and time-consuming, as well as emotionally tolling.  Our dedicated probate attorneys understand this difficult emotion time that can sometimes be made more difficult by family members disagreeing over how an estate should be handled.  Be sure that if you hire our firm to help your probate matter will be handled with the upmost care and compassion.

Personal Injury

If you are in pain, all you want is for the pain to stop.  You are thinking of nothing else.  And while you are healing from your injuries, you want to make sure you have an attorney looking after your legal rights, so all you have to concentrate on is getting better.  Whether you were injured in a car or motor vehicle accident, hit b y a drunk driver, in a  boating accident or construction accident, the victim of wrongful death or a slip and fall accident, we can assist in making you whole.  We cannot heal your injuries, but we can protect your rights and make sure you are compensated for your injuries.

Elder Law

Seniors face special challenges under the law.  If it is time for you to make plans for your golden years, the elder law attorneys at Klun can help with estate planning services, planning for retirement, getting Social Security benefits including appeals and hearings, planning for Medicare, long-term care planning, issues with pension benefits, nursing home and in-home caregiver planning and healthcare planning.  Additionally, if you are concerned about a parent being cared for at a nursing home and receiving care from an in-home caregiver, our attorneys also assist with issues of neglect and abuse.  Our elder care attorneys are caring and patient and can assist you and your family when the time comes to make plans for getting older.

Mediation – Arbitration – Litigation

Meditation, arbitration and litigation cover a number of different legal areas.  Our attorneys at Klun have handled thousands of combined hours of litigation.  We are experienced and dedicated and can assist you through mediation, arbitration and litigation.  We handle both plaintiff and defendants.  We can help you decide as a Plaintiff which method is in your best interest, whether that be avoiding litigation by negotiating or taking a matter to mediation, or we can help you take a defendant to arbitration or through the lawsuit process of litigation.  As a defendant, we can help you respond to an action that has been filed against you and take action.  We have talented and dedicated attorney at Klun.  Call us today to schedule an appointment.