slider-img2Unfortunately, some business relationships go sour and litigation is necessary.  Our primary goals at Klun are to resolve your business matter efficiently and quickly and to do so with a minimum of cost.  At Klun Law our Business Law Attorneys will help you avoid a lawsuit and try to negotiate a settlement of a dispute.  However, if going to court is necessary, our business law attorneys are experience in business litigation.

Some typical business litigation issues that can arise include breach of contract, business torts, failure of client to pay, intellectual property infringement, payment disputes, deceptive trade practices and lease disputes.

Our goal is to resolve your business litigation issues with as much negotiation as possible.  Most disputes regarding breach of contract can be resolved without going to court.  Negotiation can include telephone calls, letters and hopefully will resolve an issue quickly and inexpensively.  Many business disputes arise from a lack of communication and our attorneys have experience handling such matters and hopefully mending relationships for future business.

If we cannot resolve an issue through negotiation then the next step is to file a lawsuit and begin litigation.  Unfortunately, litigation is time consuming and expense, and our goal at Klun is to resolve the issue without having to go to trial.  We will work tirelessly to try to arrange a settlement and avoid the costly expense of trial. If settlement is not possible, our talented litigators can take a case all the way through a judgment and file an appeal if necessary.

If your business is faced with the threat of a lawsuit or you are facing a dispute with a business, call Klun today for assistance.