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At Klun Law, we have experience working with businesses to support commercial and business development.  In order to complete a mutually agreeable transaction we regularly draft agreements involving retail buildings, office buildings, manufacturing facilities, land with developmental potential and the construction of commercial buildings.  We can provide advice regarding joint ventures, construction planning, development funding, loan and grant assistance and environmental issues.
Commercial development typically includes the coordination of land developers, surveyors, building contracts, real estate agents and small businesses.  Working with all these entities, we help facilitate property purchases, sale and leasing contracts.  We can help facilitate contracts to build business parks, office buildings, ports and water fronts, retail parks, shopping malls and centers, shopping streets and districts and warehouses.

At Klun Law, we also want your business to grow.  We provide business development assistance to your business to support marketing, sales, attracting new customers and penetrating markets.  We want to help you boost your business and maximize profitability.  We do this by assisting you in fostering relationships with your customers and clients.  Sometimes this may mean you need our sharp negotiation skills.  Sometimes you might need us to review a contract for you.  Either way, it is our objective to help you implement strategies for development to satisfy your clients.

We understand the businesses want to identify new business opportunities. At Klun Law, we are here to support your business, whether you are identifying new markets, new partnerships with other businesses, new ways to reach existing markets or new products/.services to better meet the needs of existing markets, our job is to support your business.  We can help you bring new opportunities you have identified to fruition.  We can assist you in closing deals withorganizations you want to develop business with.

We can help you by:

  • Reviewing sales development strategies
  • Negotiate new sales relationships to increase business volume
  • Creating sales contracts
  • Negotiating and closing real estate purchases and business deals