elderlyLegal issues for the elderly can be complicated.  Seniors can face legal issues such as:

  • Estate planning services
  • Planning for retirement
  • Getting Social Security benefits
  • Medicare planning
  • Planning for long-term care
  • Pension benefits issues.
  • Nursing home and in-home caregiver planning
  • Legal and health-care planning
  • Issues of neglect and abuse – Elder abuse can take many forms.  Abuse is not always physical, it can also be financial. Physical elder abuse is the neglect, exploitation or mistreatment of anyone who is 65 or older.  Elder abuse can include physical violence, psychological abuse, abandonment, neglect or the unlawful taking of a senior’s money or property.  Sometimes this abuse is perpetrated by an in-home caregiver, but abuse can also occur in a licensed long-term care facility, such as a nursing home.  If a loved has been harmed by a caregiver or at a nursing facility, contact Klun immediately to discuss your legal options.

Issues regarding elder law are challenging.  At Klun Law our Minnesota Attorneys can handle these matters with respect and dignity.  Call us today if you need assistance with an elder law issue.

Elder Law Services