depositphotos_23390884-Cheerful-young-men-drink-beer-speed-boatMinnesota is home to more than 15,000 lakes and as a result has more registered watercraft per person than any other state.  The popularity of traditional boating along with the increase in person watercraft (jet ski, wave runner, etc.) has dramatically increased the water traffic and the risk for serious boating injuries.

Generally accidents are the result of an inexperience boater, an intoxicated operator or a malfunction with the boat itself.  Personal Injury accidents often occur when a boat collides with another boat, personal watercraft or swimmers, a boat sinking/tipping or a boat fire.

Boat accidents can involve powerboats, runabouts, cabin cruisers, or personal water-crafts like jet skis.  Like car accidents, boating accidents must be reported to the county sheriff if there is property damage over $2,000.00, personal injuries or a fatality.  Also, like car accidents, the driver is liable if he or she does not safely operate a boat and causes injuries or death.

Boating accidents can be very serious and cause injuries such as broken bones, burns and even death.  Like car accidents, there can be injuries that need to be compensated, medical bills and insurance companies to deal with.

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