Buying, Selling & Transferring Property

Conveying title to property in the correct manner is important.

Real estate is most family’s most valuable asset.  Sometimes a deed needs to be transferred to a family member after a will is probated.

There are many types of deeds that can be used in the transfer of property in Minnesota.  These include warranty deeds, where some guarantee of the condition of the property is made and quitclaim deeds, where no warranty of the property is made.  Quitclaim deeds are typically used when no warranty is needed, such as transfer of title to family member or to a former spouse as part of divorce proceedings.

At Klun Law Firm we can make sure your deed, the document through which you transfer property, is put together correctly.  Our Minnesota Real Estate Attorneys at Klun Law can also make sure that the deed gets filed in the correct recorder’s office after the sale of a piece of property.  Because boundaries and easements are typically laid out in the deed to the property, it is important to make sure it is accurate and precise.

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