Minnesota Real Estate Law

The Minnesota Real Estate Attorneys at Klun Law Firm assist both buyers and sellers of land, in addition to helping clients seeking cabin succession planning, help with deeds, assistance placing or removing property liens, clients experiencing neighbor and boundary dispute, easements for utilities and land use.

We also have a thriving landlord-tenant practice. We can assist landlords with evicting tenants not paying rent, making a building accommodate disable tenants, draw up leases and security deposits. For tenants, we can assist in fighting evictions, getting utilities turned on and dealing with difficult landlords.

At Klun Law, we have a commercial real estate specialty as well.  Our Minnesota Real Estate Attorneys assist in all phases, including development, purchases, sales, financing, loans, eminent domain, and leasing.  Our goal is to assist you in making the best investment for your commercial real estate buck.

Real Estate Services

  • Assisting landowners with lake shore, vacant land, and road development

  • Helping Minnesota lake home owners keep the family cabin in the family
  • Assisting buyers and sellers in residential, country, and cabin purchases
  • Helping with Commercial Real Estate Purchases
  • Preparing commercial and business development agreements
  • Drafting and recording deeds, drafting and executing contract for deeds
  • Placing and releasing real estate liens
  • Negotiating neighbor and boundary disputes; drafting easements
  • Navigating Landlord/Tenant Issues
  • Resolving Issues Under Land Use Law