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Hiring a Lawyer when Buying Minnesota Real Estate

Purchasing a home is the largest and most expensive purchase most people in Minnesota will ever make in their lifetime.  Minnesota has amazing properties all over the state, including homes in the cities of Duluth, Minneapolis, Virginia, Hibbing, Ely, Grand Rapids, and International Falls.  It is important to protect your rights when making such a large purchase.  While hiring a real estate attorney may seem like an expensive prospect, it is important to protect your rights. You do not want your dream home to become a nightmare. Before you complete your purchase or sale of property get your real estate

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Changes In Minnesota Property Tax Law

In 2011, Minnesota’s Legislature decided to repeal the Homestead Market Value Credit and replaced it with a program known as the Homestead Market Value Exclusion.  Beginning in 2012 the homestead credit will be eliminated.  Under this new law, property taxes will increase for some homeowners.  There will be no state paid credit, but rather the entire property tax levy will be paid by local taxpayers. Minnesota is no longer providing a homestead credit and instead the entire levy is being paid by local property taxpayers.  According to the State of Minnesota, this change will save the state $261 million in monies

Rental Property Ordinances In Duluth

In the State of Minnesota, known for its lakes, Duluth is a city surrounded by boats.  This half of the Twin Ports is an excellent combination of metropolis and water views.  Real estate in Duluth is popular with Minnesotans who work in the city, those who enjoy water views, and a bustling commercial real estate market as well.  Additionally, the neighborhoods around the University of Minnesota in Duluth are popular with students during the school year.  These beautiful neighborhoods around the University of Minnesota have made some changes in the past few years converting from single family homes. Duluth also

Purchasing Commercial Property In Duluth

Duluth is not just a city on the water but a bustling metropolis as well. The port brings commerce and tourists to the city every year. In a busy city like Duluth, commercial real estate is always in demand, even in a down market. Commercial real estate in this economy can be quite a good deal. However, there are a lot of hoops to jump through with real estate, particularly if you are considering taking over a commercial lease, giving up a commercial lease or making significant changes to a building. Commercial properties can include office buildings, hotels, malls, retail,

When Your Employer Does Not Pay

As employers struggle to pay bills and keep the lights on many have reduced staffing in human resources and accounting departments or bringing payroll in house which leads to struggles in paying employees correctly.  When these services begin to fail employers will find themselves in trouble with employee wage laws. An unfortunate byproduct of a poor economy is the reality that some employers will not pay employees wages when they leave their employment.  Minnesota law strictly states that under Minnesota Statute Section 181.14, that when an employee leaves a job, wages earned must be paid no later than the next

Joint Tenancy vs. Tenancy in Common

When purchasing a piece of real estate Minnesota home buyers must consider how they want to hold the deed to the property.  This is of particular importance when more than one person is going to have an ownership interest in a piece of property.  Both joint tenancy and tenancy in common allows more than one person to have joint ownership in real property.  However, if the home buyers want to purchase the home as joint tenants, they must specifically state this in writing in order for it to be valid in the state of Minnesota. Joint Tenancy Under joint tenancy,

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Homeowner and Community Associations/Minnesota Law

Many Minnesotans live in communities that are ruled by a homeowners association, community association, or other type of community organization that oversees the rules and regulations put in place by the homeowners.  The purpose of these associations is to keep property values high, help combine expenses in shared communities and provide services for the entire community.  Associations can be a great way for homeowners to be involved in their communities and a chance to have a say in how the community should live. Homeowners and community associations are typically set up as non-profit corporations.  These communities are run by a

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Pre-Employment Background Checks

Business owners want to ensure they are hiring strong candidates for jobs. Both employers and employees should know what tests employers are allowed to ask of employees and what are beyond the extent of the law.  These tests may only be used to assess a job candidate’s fitness for the job and not for any discriminatory reason.  No employment testing may screen out an employee based on age, disability, race, genetic information, national origin, pregnancy, color, religion or gender.  Any test that does screen out employees in this manner is considered a violation of both federal and Minnesota law. The

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When Is Probate Required?

Probate is the legal process of identifying the assets of someone who is recently deceased and distributing the remaining property.  Assets are distributed according to the deceased person’s wishes, as laid out in a Will, or in the absence of a Will, according to Minnesota law.  Minnesota law gives property to the closest relatives to the deceased, typically a spouse and children.  If the deceased has no spouse or children, then the property passes on to any living grandchildren, parents, brothers, and sisters and on down the line to more distant relatives.  If there are no relatives located then the

Boating under the Influence

Many Minnesotans enjoy boating in Minnesota’s ten thousand lakes.  During boating season, thousands of Minnesota residents and visitors will visit the lakes and go boating.  Boating at the lakeshore is one of the many benefits of living in Minnesota.  However, boating comes with the same responsibilities required for driving.  These responsibilities include not driving a boat while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  Boating under the influence is referred to as BUI or BWI, boating while intoxicated. The first thing Minnesota boat operators should be aware of is that unlike driving, where open containers are not allowed and no

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