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Family Law: Preparing for mediation

Many times cases will be sent to mediation in order to see if the parties can work out a settlement between themselves.  Also, family law matters in Minnesota are frequently handled through mediation.  Because mediation requires the use of a third party to oversee the negotiations, both parties need to prepare themselves before going to the mediation and get to know the process thoroughly before the mediation begins. First, the parties should consider what they actually want to gain from the mediation.  Both parties should discuss their goals with their attorneys before heading into the mediation.  Before hiring a mediator

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Do I need a prenuptial agreement?

A prenuptial agreement is an agreement made between the two parties prior to marriage.  A prenuptial agreement lays out how money and other property that belongs separately to the spouses-to-be will be divided should the couple divorce in the future.  Many will complain that discussing a prenuptial agreement is not romantic.  While it may not be a romantic discussion to talk about a prenuptial agreement, it is a smart discussion to have if one or both parties are entering into a marriage with significant pre-marital assets.  This is of particular importance when the assets owned by one party are a

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