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Changes In Minnesota Property Tax Law

In 2011, Minnesota’s Legislature decided to repeal the Homestead Market Value Credit and replaced it with a program known as the Homestead Market Value Exclusion.  Beginning in 2012 the homestead credit will be eliminated.  Under this new law, property taxes will increase for some homeowners.  There will be no state paid credit, but rather the [...]

Pre-Employment Background Checks

Business owners want to ensure they are hiring strong candidates for jobs. Both employers and employees should know what tests employers are allowed to ask of employees and what are beyond the extent of the law.  These tests may only be used to assess a job candidate’s fitness for the job and not for any [...]

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A Primer on Union Negotiations

The process of negotiating a union contract can be time consuming and stressful for both management and unionized labor.  Negotiations are the process by which management of an employer and union leadership meet to renew a contract that is ending or meet to attempt to resolve a specific dispute.  This negotiation process is also referred [...]

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Minnesota Unemployment Requirements for Employers

Employers terminating and laying off employees need to make sure they are following the laws regarding unemployment insurance under both federal and state laws.  Minnesota employers are required to meet certain requirements to be in compliance with Minnesota Unemployment Insurance Law.  Minnesota employers should also be aware that even employees fired for poor performance will [...]

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Intellectual Property Basics

Business owners are often concerned about protecting their ideas and products from being used by someone else.  No business owner wants someone else to profit from their good ideas.  There are four basic ways that business owners can protect their inventions and products under the law.  Most of the protections for intellectual property fall under [...]

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