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Hiring a Lawyer when Buying Minnesota Real Estate

Purchasing a home is the largest and most expensive purchase most people in Minnesota will ever make in their lifetime.  Minnesota has amazing properties all over the state, including homes in the cities of Duluth, Minneapolis, Virginia, Hibbing, Ely, Grand Rapids and International Falls.  It is important to protect your rights when making such a [...]

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Changes In Minnesota Property Tax Law

In 2011, Minnesota’s Legislature decided to repeal the Homestead Market Value Credit and replaced it with a program known as the Homestead Market Value Exclusion.  Beginning in 2012 the homestead credit will be eliminated.  Under this new law, property taxes will increase for some homeowners.  There will be no state paid credit, but rather the [...]

Joint Tenancy vs. Tenancy in Common

When purchasing a piece of real estate Minnesota home buyers must consider how they want to hold the deed to the property.  This is of particular importance when more than one person is going to have an ownership interest in a piece of property.  Both joint tenancy and tenancy in common allows more than one [...]

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Homeowner and Community Associations/Minnesota Law

Many Minnesotans live in communities that are ruled by a homeowners association, community association, or other type of community organization that oversees the rules and regulations put in place by the homeowners.  The purpose of these associations is to keep property values high, help combine expenses in shared communities and provide services for the entire [...]

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Foreclosure – Short Sale or Walking Away

“Strategic default” is a topic a lot of real estate experts are talking about these days.  Some Minnesota property owners are so underwater with their mortgage that they are walking away from their obligations and choosing instead to default and give the home back to the bank.  With falling property values and difficult economic times, [...]

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Benefits of Buying Foreclosures

Real estate markets throughout the United States are reporting a higher than average amount of homes for sale on the market.  Many of these homes in Minnesota and elsewhere are foreclosures.  A rough economy has made it difficult for some to stay in their homes and many are waiting for bank to throw them out [...]

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